Why choose our town...

When you first step off the train, you know that you've arrived in the real Italy. Matelica's cobbled streets and twisting alleys invite exploration. Around this corner, a 16th century palazzo. Under that building, a Roman mosaic. In the center of town, a marble fountain. But what's most striking is what you don't see: hordes of tourists. Still undiscovered, the town ofMatelica - and the region of Le Marche in general - have the feel of the authentic Italian countryside. Nestled in the valley of the Esino River, Matelica is surrounded by rolling hills that invite weekend walks on country roads. Grain fields dotted with red poppies in the spring intermix with vineyards where Matelica's famous Verdicchio wine is produced. Stone walls along wooded lanes tempt you to rest awhile and breathe the country air. And every few kilometers is a timeless hilltop village of stone and brick, the church steeple just visible from the next hill.


With about 10,000 people, Matelica is just the right size for a student of the language and culture. The town is large enough to have everything you need, yet small enough to feel intimate, where you're not lost in the crowd. There are the corner groceries and bakeries where you'll soon be recognized and greeted as an old customer, and there are supermarkets for more diverse needs. Restaurants span the range from fast pizzas (no McDonald's here!) to gourmet. What you don't find with a little poking around, our instructors will point you in the right direction.

With its central location, Matelica is a wonderful base from which to explore other nearby cities. You can make day-trips to cities as diverse as Rome, Assisi, Gubbio, Visso, Civitanova Marche. Some of these are optional excursions offered by the school, but you can visit others on your own as well.

Matelica and La Città Ideale welcome you to Italy!

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