Why our school...

At La Città Ideale you sense right away that this school is your school. The relaxed classroom setting and the personal attention of our instructors create a warm and intimate atmosphere that fosters your learning Italian quickly and easily.

Right from the start you are immersed in the Italian language, not only in the school but in the community as well. Our instructors guide you through your seamless transition to communicating in Italian with ease. The lessons are structured to develop your competence in all four basic skills: speaking, understanding, reading, and writing.

With a maximum class size of just 8 students, you won't feel lost among a crowd but instead have every opportunity to participate in the lessons. Classroom activities are designed to encourage a lively conversation, both between you and your instructor and also with other students.

Besides the hours of classroom time each week, your enjoy two corollary lessons on Italian culture: music, cinema, history, art, food and all the things that drew you to Italy in the first place. Plus, with the optional excursions, you also have the opportunity to visit some of Italy's fabled cities with a knowledgeable guide.

At La Città Ideale you experience a program as individual as you are, geared to your personal needs. And when you leave, you take with you not only new language skills but also warm memories of your time in the real Italy.

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