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The school of Italian language and culture La Città Ideale was founded by a group of teachers who wanted to put their experience in the field of teaching Italian to foreigners to the service of a new project.

The idea - and our name - came from the Renaissance painting "La Città Ideale", one of the most famous paintings of our region, named Le Marche. A model of simplicity and harmony, "La Città Ideale" is, in this sense, the symbolic city where the school is located, in the heart of Le Marche, with its thousands of medieval and Renaissance villages, each of them a treasure with their own squares, their charming views, their recipes, their wine. And beyond the village, beyond the walls, an incredible natural scenery, now wild, now shaped by man, but always evocative and enchanting.

Here is the soul of our culture. This is the essence that we would like to convey to our students in our courses. It's not just the language but the core of Italian culture. Art, cinema, food and music all come together in service to the study of the language. This is our passion. Let it be your joy.

“chi vuol esser lieto sia, del doman non v'è certezza”. (Just be happy if you will, no one knows what tomorrow will bring.)